Common fashion mistakes we all make

Fashion trends are constantly changing and affecting the women’s wardrobe, according to However, the wrong choices in clothing, with combinations of different trends from other eras can be disastrous for our appearance.

Therefore, we must be very careful about what we are going to wear, so as to emphasize our strengths and hide our imperfections. We should choose clothes which are in fashion, but fit our body type and not just the ones suggested by the top designers. Here are some of the wrong clothing choices we can make that can ruin our style without us realizing it.

Long t-shirts over jeans

Another of the most outrageous wrong choices in clothing that ruin your style is the combination of a tight long blouse with a pair of jeans. This set will make your torso look longer and the result will be disproportionate and strange. If you want to wear a tight t-shirt, choose to put it inside your pants. If you do not like the top from the inside, better choose something lighter and airy to combine your jean.

Small imperfections make the difference

A hanging thread or a slightly ironed garment may seem like a small detail, but it can completely ruin your image. Therefore, it is best to avoid fabrics that wrinkle easily and look ironed after a while. Also make sure you have an emergency kit in your wallet with clear varnish and threads in the colors you wear along with a needle, so that you can correct any small accident that may happen to you.

Tulip skirts

Tulip skirts are safe for your image if they are low-waisted. When they are tall, they look beautiful only when you are standing up straight. If you move, you get the illusion that your abdomen is bloated, even if you have a flat stomach. That is why it is better to choose more classic pieces from, when you are not sure about the result.

Lots of baggy clothes together

If you are looking for a set that will be comfortable and relaxed, it does not mean that you should wear all the wide pieces of your wardrobe together. This will be one of the worst clothing choices you can make. Your ensemble will not have a shape, as it will not emphasize your body type at all, but it will hide it.

This may sound nice to a woman who wants to hide the extra pounds, but it is not a solution. The right thing to do is to choose clothes that hide the imperfections, but at the same time emphasize your strengths. So choose something wide at the point where there is imperfection and something narrow at your strong point. And in general, always combine something wide with something narrower.


The zipper may be ideal for cold days and hide neck wrinkles in older women, but it is a choice of clothing that should be done with great care. If you do not want to make your neck look shorter or your silhouette looks square, combine it with a T-shirt with a V-neck. You can also take off your ensemble with a scarf or a handkerchief. With these little tricks you will avoid another of the wrong choices in clothing that can ruin your image.

Leggings and shorts

Shorts are one of the cleanest summer pieces in the women’s wardrobe, which you should avoid the rest of the season. Combining them with thick leggings will create a strange and rather uncomfortable set. Choose loungewear from for a stylish look wherever you are.

Clothes in the wrong size or unsuitable for your body type

Choose the ideal clothes for your body type, choosing both the right size and the appropriate design that flatters your silhouette. One of the most common wrong choices in clothing is tight shirts that look suffocating and ready to break their buttons, as well as pants that overflow. So avoid wearing something that no longer makes you because you will look even fatter.

Jeans who do not exactly fit you

Jeans tend to overflow and sag, so you should choose the ideal number and design of jeans depending on your body type. Try on jeans and choose the one that is slightly tight for you and not the one that is okay for you from the first moment. This way you will give them the opportunity to get in shape of your body and not to bag after a while. But be careful not to choose jeans that are too tight for you, such as a smaller number. At the experts can help you in order to find the perfect pair of jeans for you.

Larger shoes than you should wear

Choosing the right shoe should be done wisely. They should be neither too narrow, that is, small, but neither large nor floating. There are secrets to choosing the right shoes that you should always keep in mind. For example, your feet are swollen in the afternoon morning that is relaxing. So make sure you choose a number that is not too narrow in the afternoon, but not too wide in the morning.

Wrong choice of bra size

Your underwear may not be visible, but choosing the wrong one can completely ruin your image. It can make you uncomfortable if it is narrow, or make your chest look sagging if it is large. So choose the right bra size to get the best result.

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